Sports activities around Annecy

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Sporting activities

Walks and short hikes, trail running, cycling and mountain biking, paragliding and canyoning… Beginners and enthusiasts, you will be delighted.

Walks and short hikes

The Bout-du-Lac and Roc de Chère nature reserves are ideal for easy walks and hikes in protected areas rich in wildlife (birds, insects, amphibians, beavers, etc.).

Don’t miss the Angon waterfall: the walk is pleasant in the forest with little difference in altitude and fun with children.

On the way to the Col de la Forclaz, don’t miss the Angon waterfall. Don’t miss the Angon waterfall. It’s a pleasant walk in the forest with relatively flat terrain, and fun for children (passing under a small waterfall, climbing with a safety chain).

Good plan: We offer accompanied Nature outings in our entertainment schedule. On the program: fun activities, wildlife observation, landscape reading, gourmet stroll at sunset,…

Hikes and trails

Le Taillefer : walk from the campsite. Very beautiful views, between “Petit Lac” and “Grand Lac”. 3h30 hike, medium difficulty. 5-hour hike, medium difficulty.

Le Taillefer: walk from the campsite. Very beautiful views, between “Petit Lac” and “Grand Lac”. 3h30 hike, medium difficulty.

Le Mont-Veyrier et le Mont-Baron : A woodland trail with great views of the lake from the ridges. 4-hour hike, medium difficulty.

La Tournette : the highest mountain around Lake Annecy, with a magnificent panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains. 5h30-6h hike, difficult.

Les Dents de Lanfon : an impressive viewpoint over Lake Annecy, this 6h-6h30 hike is difficult.


Pedalos and boats equipped for water skiing/wakeboarding are widely available for hire around the lake.

Paddle sports such as kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding are very accessible, allowing you to get close to protected areas of the lake: the Bout-du-Lac reserve is home to families of beavers, the Château de Duingt and its shallows, the Roc de Chère with its cliffs and secret coves, the reed beds of Saint-Jorioz, etc.

For sailing sports such as traditional sailboats, optimists, catamarans and windsurfing, Lake Annecy is an ideal location, as the prevailing winds run lengthways, making it possible to sail over its 14.6km length.

Kitesurfing is also possible, but is best suited to more experienced riders.


The not-to-be-missed paragliding experience is within easy reach for solo paragliders, with departure just a 10-minute walk from the Col de la Forclaz car park.

It’s also very easy for those taking a first flight or a training course. (school shuttles have a pass to access the top), The take-off site, at an altitude of 1240m, is carpeted for added comfort.

For tandem paragliding flights over Lake Annecy, you can meet your instructor at the Doussard airstrip, just 2km from the campsite!

Good Plan : Discounts at the campsite reception


Lake Annecy is fed by a number of streams and rivers, so canyoning is easy in the surrounding area and is perfect for beginners and experienced canyoneers alike.

Walking and swimming in streams, jumping, sliding, abseiling: you’ll be able to try out all sorts of different activities!

Good Plan : Discounts at the campsite reception

Road biking

For those who enjoy road biking and climbing mountain passes, here are a few ideas for cycling near Lake Annecy and the campsite:

  • Col de Tamié: 10km, total ascent of 390m
  • Col de Leschaux: 12km, total ascent of 440m
  • Col de la Forclaz: 10.5km, total ascent of 660m
  • Ascent of Entrevernes: 10km, total ascent of 700m
  • Ascent of the Semnoz: 17.5km, total ascent of 1300m

The Voie Verte and the Lake Annecy cycle path have a very low elevation allowing all types of users to share this protected area of the road. Map from the Lake Annecy cycle path

Good Plan : we offer bike rental directly at the campsite

Mountain bike (MTB)

For mountain biking, there are various trails in the Semnoz massif, an area which is well known for this activity, as well as in Entrevernes, Doussard, Col de la Forclaz from Verthier, La Sambuy, etc.

Good plan: For downhill mountain biking, the “ligne d’été” (summer line) offers a fully-equipped bus service from Annecy to the summit of the Semnoz (on weekends in June and every day in July and August).

Fishing on Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy has a wide variety of fish: pike, trout, arctic char, fera, perch, roach, bleak, bream, carp, etc.

During your fishing trips, you’ll have the chance to observe the birds that live on the lake all year round: Mallard, Mute Swan, Common Coot, Great Crested Grebe, Common Merganser, etc. To fish in Lake Annecy, you will need a tourist fishing permit.

To fish at Lake Annecy, you will need to obtain a tourist fishing license from your AAPPMA or from a local agent. To prepare for your fishing day, you can visit the Annecy AAPPMA website.