Natural sites near Annecy

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Natural sites around Annecy

Nature reserves, waterfalls, gorges, passes, mountain pastures, everything is there for lovers of grandiose panoramas.

Col de la Forclaz

Starting point for many hikes, the Col de la Forclaz de Montmin – 1150 m – is located to the east of Lake Annecy.
This is the most famous viewpoint around the lake.

You can park near the shops/restaurants and enjoy a beautiful panorama of Lake Annecy and the Semnoz mountain.

A 15-minute walk will be enough to reach the paraglider takeoff platform, from where you can watch the multicolored sails rise above the lake.

Angon Waterfall

An easy, shaded walk (ideal in summer), the Angon waterfall is one of the accessible short hikes.

This impressive waterfall is 60 meters high and seems to slide down the walls that surround it. Des barrières protègent bien du vide mais faites attention sur la fin, le sol peut être glissant (prévoyez de bonnes chaussures).

Seythenex cave and waterfall

The Seythenex cave is an underground network of tunnels extending over one kilometre, 250 metres of which are accessible.

The waterfall is a place of natural beauty and freshness offering breathtaking views of the powerful waters that rise from the Col d’Orgeval in the Bauges Massif. The water cascades down almost 45 metres, forming several giant pools before flowing into Lake Annecy.

The duration of the visit is approximately 1 hour.

The Fier gorges

The Fier gorges is a remarkable natural site in the area that you can visit via a footbridge fixed to the rock face.

Here you’ll find a spectacular, narrow canyon and a platform 25 metres above the river.