Things to do in Annecy

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Things to do in Annecy

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Visits and activities in Annecy, around the lake and in the region

The Annecy region offers a wide range of activities, places to visit and walks: we’re here to advise you throughout your stay to make your visit to Haute-Savoie in the French Alps a memorable experience.

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With water between 22° and 24° in summer, Lake Annecy is ideal for swimming and relaxing. Discover the beaches of the purest lake in Europe.


Sporting activities

Walks and short hikes, trail running, cycling and mountain biking, paragliding and canyoning… Beginners and enthusiasts, you will be delighted by our destination.


With children

Surrounded by mountains, Lake Annecy is only 447m above sea level and therefore perfectly suitable with a baby or young children.

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Natural sites

Nature reserves, waterfalls, gorges, passes, mountain pastures, everything is there for lovers of grandiose panoramas.

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Our partners

Our selection of partners to enhance your stay, transforming your vacation into an unforgettable experience.

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Day trips

To help you organize your stay as best as possible, find here ideas for outings less than 2 hours from the campsite.