Swimming at Lake Annecy

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Best places to swim around Lake Annecy

Relax, sunbathe, picnic or swim by the lake

Beaches around the lake

With water between 22° and 24° in summer, Lake Annecy is ideal for swimming and relaxing. Free or paid beaches, explained: Annecy has 3 beaches: (free) (paying)

  • Heading towards the south of the lake, on the eastern shore there are:
  • On the east bank: Veyrier-du-Lac (free), Menthon-Saint-Bernard (paying), Talloires (paying), Angon (paying)
  • On the west bank: Sévrier (paying), Saint-Jorioz (paying), Duingt (free)
  • South of the lake: Doussard (free)

Swimming facilities include supervised, fully-protected areas on the municipal beaches (perfect for children) and wide strips of shoreline (marked by yellow cone-shaped buoys) for more active swimmers.


Campsite tips

The most unspoilt beach is located on the wild part of the “Bout-du-Lac” at Doussard, from which you can walk freely to the Nature Reserve where beavers live, hidden among the reeds.

For adventurers of all ages, there’s a large diving board at Saint-Jorioz beach.
A ramp and two amphibious wheelchairs are also available for people with reduced mobility to help them access the water.

Just 1.5km from the campsite, the Doussard beach has excellent facilities, with a supervised protected swimming area, a sandy beach for building sandcastles, a play area, shady lawns, toilets and a water sports centre…

Good plan : In July and August, the municipality makes available to you free shuttle buses that take you from the campsite to this beach.